Wish to witness the effects of Yoga as early as day one? Here’s how yoga transforms your life in no time!

Yoga sure has its origin in East but it has caught the fancy of everyone in West as well. With passage of time the awareness about Yoga has increased amongst people which have led to more and more people swearing about the goodness of Yoga. Ask an avid Yoga practitioner and they will enlighten you about the life changing experience they have had. While most of us have an idea about the long term benefits of Yoga teacher training in India, not many know that Yoga is mighty enough to transform your life since day one!

Yoga teacher training in Goa at Mahi Yoga Centre

300 hour YTTC should be adopted as a quintessential part of your routine. It has been identified by many as the ‘Art of living’ which offers a healthy mind, body and soul enhancing the quality of life. Yoga helps in daily life as well as it helps in handling the routine issues with much ease and relaxed state of mind.

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We have classified few benefits of the powerful Yoga based on the time they take to show results. Here’s a look at the same:

Immediate results of practising yoga

  • Brain function

Practising Hatha Yoga for at least 20 minutes can improve the function of brain. Hatha Yoga is an ancient practice which emphasizes on physical postures instead of sequence which improves the cognitive function. It also enhances focus and makes memory powerful. As per a study by University of Illinois, the participants had a better performance during brain functioning tests after practising yoga in comparison to the participants who appeared the test post aerobic exercise.

Brain function control by Mahi Yoga

  • Reduce Stress

Yoga focuses on the union of body and mind and emphasizes on clearing mind and concentrating on present. The meditation helps in relaxing and fighting stress or anxiety just after practising yoga for 45 minutes. Stress is one of the major causes of increasing weight and wide waistline as stress promotes production of Cortisol in body. Getting of stress is mandatory for physical health as well.

  • Detox

Having specific juice and diet for detoxification is a fad followed by many these days’. However, practising yoga can do wonders for your kidney and liver by kick starting the natural detox process. Twist postures and dynamic yoga helps in enhancing the oxygenated blood flow to various organs which leads to cleansing.

Detox Yoga at Mahi Yoga Centre

  • Gene Expression

Recent studies have solidified the claims that Yoga has a potent role in altering the gene expression in the immune cells. It brings ample health benefits to the people who practice yoga on a regular basis.

  • Flexibility

A study conducted by Colorado state university discovered that Bikram Yoga helps in increasing the flexibility of shoulder, hamstring and lower back. Bikram Yoga is a type of yoga wherein 26 postures are performed in a heated room for 90 minutes. It also helps in decreasing the body fat.

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While these are short term benefits of yoga which start showing from beginning, there are few long term benefits as well which start appearing within few months. Here’s a look at the same:

  • Blood pressure

Individuals suffering from hypertension can benefit greatly from practising Yoga.
Based on the study made by University of Pennsylvania it was found that practising yoga led to reduced blood pressure as compared to those who opted for walking or other weight counselling/ nutrition programs.

Yoga for blood pressure

  • Lung capacity

A study by 2000 Ball state University found that Hatha yoga, if practised for 15 weeks can substantially enhance the lung capacity i.e. the maximum air exhaled after deep breath.

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  • Neck pain

It is said that practising Iyengar yoga for 4 weeks helps in decreasing the chronic neck pain in adults.

Neck pain

  • Sexual function

As per a study by the Harvard in 2009 which was published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, it has been found that Yoga can help in enhancing the desire, orgasm as well as sexual satisfaction in women.

  • Back Pain

Researchers from West Virginia University has found that Iyengar Yoga is effective in decreasing the back pain along with improving the mood as compared to the usual medical treatment given to people with lower back issues.

Relief back pain by yoga teacher training in Dharamsala

  • Diabetes

A Diabetes care study in 2011 states that, it is recommended to Yoga in the Diabetes care routine for steady sugar levels. Just 3 months of practising Yoga leads to decrease in body mass index and prevents increasing of blood sugar levels in our body.

Few other substantial benefits of practising Yoga for years can help in achieving stronger bones, increased sense of balance and healthy weight along with decreased risk of cardiac issues.

Yoga Teacher Training

If you are one of those looking for mastering the Art of yoga, the yoga teacher’s training in Dharamsala and 200 hour yoga teacher training certification at Mahi Yoga can help in achieving your goals. The course which teaches advance techniques not only makes you a certified practitioner but also improves the quality of your mental and physical health.

Happy Learning!