The masculine and feminine system

We are still holding on to old grievance. Everything that arises from such negativity causes harm. From a certain perspective, this world may be illusory, but we are living on planet Earth, and we are effected in a way very real by the havoc we wreak. This pact of vengeance is in the process of destroying everything, even as everything is often considered illusory. The most damaging aspect is the lack of awareness that prevent us from talking responsibility from this destructiveness and carelessness in our relationship with feminine.

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Let’s look at relations between the masculine and and feminine principle, witch is not same at the relations between men and women. Any creative process can only come about through the union of the masculine and feminine. The masculine principal represents the assertive, active force while the feminine principle represents the receptive, nurturing, and accepting power. When a seed is planted, this is masculine principle at work. That is required for this seed to germinate and support  is the feminine at work. These balancing energies can-be observed in all of nature. They are acting inside of you at each and every moment, creating all that exists.

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These principles manifest themselves in the female and male bodies – although each person each person manifest  both the masculine and feminine principle . In our history the activating male principle has often degenerated into tyranny vating male principle has often degenerated into tyranny and brutality while the cosmic feminine principle of receptivity has often has been distorted into submission. Acceptance and trust are innate qualities of the sacred feminine. They are greatest power on the earth, but these energies have often become distorted into dependence, submission and manipulation. It is this distortion acting in the psyche that ultimately blocks humankind’s effort. Instead of a healthy feminine in order to make to make love and create, the distorted masculine has been meeting distorted feminine generating only enmity and destruction this conditioning replicated itself through the ages.

This game is installed in yours very programming and with rare exception this program gets downloaded without our noticing it. You here are in some ways exceptional: you are women working towards independence and men working to accept women women frailty as well as your own. What is also distort masculine energy is this denial of our own fragility as men.

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The co-dependency takes on various forms. One major manifestation of this condition is numbness, there are people who feel nothing and yet think they value the feminine. Another twist can be found in those who think they love and adequately express the feminine principle, but whose relationship with the masculine is dysfunctional in that they suffocate the male creature with too much attention, mistaking this smothering for love. They fail to notice that this is a distortion of the feminine. They do this because they are dependent on the husband or son, and so try to captivate him with excess care. Behind such ministrations there lurck much anger and resentment.

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If you really want to know how a nation is doing observe its relationship with the mother, with the sacred feminine. The sacred feminine  manifest s in many ways :in the mother who gave you life, in all women and in yours physical body it self. The  body  make or female  is also a manifestation of the divine Mother and of nature it self do you revere the sacred feminine from the core of yours being? Are you able to maintain the perception that the feminine is sacred, as you relate your self with her in yours body daily life? Whether you are a men or women it use full to investigate how you relate with the sacred feminine.

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