Useful Tips for Practice of Meditation

 Useful Tips for Practice of Meditation

Yoga meditation is becoming quite popular nowadays because of various pranayama (breath control) benefits that range from physical health to mostly mental health and assist in making a human healthier from inside and outside which is quite difficult in today’s life, but that’s the yoga for you- it will be hard but it will be worth it.

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But there are rules and obligations that apply to yogic meditation and they are very important to worth the mention of them from expert’s Yoga Teacher Training in India from Mahi Yoga. Just as you can’t play football or cricket without knowing what the rules are? You can’t do proper meditation without knowing their rules as well.

Today I am going to provide you with 8 very important tips for practice of meditation:-

Meditate with breath

As I have said before meditation is done by doing pranayama which means breath control in English, so start with breath. Take slow breaths- in and out just to get hang of it also it will relax you mostly and that’s what is needed for meditation full relaxation and complete devotion towards it.

Pick up any pranayama but only focus on breathe because it is most important part of any pranayama. Don’t focus on other elements majorly but don’t ignore them either. Just focus on breaths and complete the full pranayama as instructed.


Concentration is the key that unlocks the lock of meditation and its blissful results. Always try to concentrate on yourself or on the object which you are instructed to concentrate.

Don’t be a monkey mind which jumps from one tensed and stressful thought to another, it will be very hard to avoid and abandon any personal or professional thought from your mind but try to relax, it will not happen overnight, you have to give yourself time to raise your concentration power.

Your concentration power can only be raised when you devotee your heart and mind to meditation by doing it daily with enthusiasm, don’t do it for the sake of doing but with full heart and good mind.

Peaceful place

Always choose an open and peaceful place for meditating because being this way you will feel fast and major results in a short span of time. That’s the reason why yoga classes are done in open greenery or close to a natural environment because any natural element is the necessity for any yoga meditation, it brings harmony and relaxation to our body and mind.

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so choose a very peaceful and open place, if you can’t have peaceful place for e.g. – living in a apartment in a noisy city then do the meditation in a room where you can’t hear noises but try that it will have some natural light and fresh air otherwise you have to do meditation in a locked up room which is not at all ideal for meditation.


Always meditate with a reason, you can’t just meditate without any purpose because it won’t be any fruitful in any way. So make up your goal or goals for which you want to meditate for example you want to meditate for a peaceful and more relaxed mind or for raising concentration power or for sharpening your mind, other reasons could be like- meditating for spiritual reasons or for taking a step back and seeing where your life or personality is going, etc, etc..

See, the reasons are endless so choose one which you want to tackle and crack and then start meditating with full heart and energy because how much you will give, only that much you will gain, so give it everything and it will give you everything.

Chemistry lab

Interesting heading right… I know.

Always try to experiment with the type of meditation you are doing just like in a chemistry lab but don’t try to mix harmful chemicals which can harm you, apply this rule to meditation too, don’t even try to experiment with hard level meditations but try to see which pose or way works for you best, it has two major benefits- first is that you will be more enthusiastic and hearty even after some time and the second benefit is that you will see results fast because you will do what suited you and this will result in fast results.

But remember to stretch and warm up your body before meditation and try various ways like sitting or lying down meditation and find your favorite one.


This word is very bad and killer of a good mediator because this word will make you quit meditation at starting or middle path. But don’t let yourself frustrated always remember that you can’t grow plant in your palm inn five seconds because plants needs time to grow and that applies to everything in this world, everything needs time to grow from humans to animals to plants to habits to buildings, literally everything.

It will be very hard to not get frustrated for lack of concentration but remember it is a phase which will make you week and you can’t give up – it’s for your own goodness so don’t give up. Just go through this frustration phase with strong mind and you will see that after week or weeks you can concentrate better than before and this concentration will rise higher and higher.

Medium phase

You will see that after getting over from the frustration phase you can concentrate more and you will be better from health wise, now it’s time to raise up your game a bit by trying to focus or concentrate on body parts and internal organs, start with your feet and then raise level of concentration and body parts to concentrate slowly and steadily and don’t forget to focus on internal organs.

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Now you must be thinking how could I focus on my feet for half an hour, it is not as hard as it looks just try to focus if your feet are healthy and in good condition and feel if they are stressed or worn out and repeat this with every organ- internal or external. It is quite awkward at first but you will get used to it in a short period of time.


Environment is a very important factor in the development of anything living or artificial present in this world. You need environment to make the plant grow or to build house or anything else and this rule also applies to meditation because meditation needs environment to be successful and I am not talking about physical environment here (I have covered it in starting).

I am talking about psychological environment here, because it is very important that we create our thoughts in such a way that it supports and bring harmony to meditation practice. This can be achieved by gaining knowledge on meditation through creditable sources like books by great yogis or classes or through any other source. Make this a habit to find knowledge and you will be at ease for a long run.


You can take our 200 hour yoga teacher training certification at Mahi Yoga if you want for complete meditation and to gain knowledge about it.

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These are very important points that should be kept in mind while doing meditation because they assist a person in achieving his/her goals for meditation. Always commit for meditation for a long period because that’s when you will see results which you want and that’s the way it works, you can’t meditate for a week and imagine to become peaceful like saints automatically, you have to work for it and for a long time but believe me it will be worth it and that is most important right?

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