8 tips to find peace, happiness, and mental health during challenging times

Life is no less than a roller-coaster ride which has its own set of ups and down. Life never remains the same and sometimes it overwhelms us by throwing challenges our way. No matter how much you try, life bogs you down and it becomes difficult to remain positive or find a ray of hope amidst the negative. You can’t always smile and it’s ok. But, the fact of life is that you have to put the broken pieces into place and keep moving in your journey of life.

 Focusing on the present by yoga

Here are few tips to find inner happiness and peace:

  • Playing on your strengths

Whenever we feel down we focus on the negatives which make us feel even worse. Try to identify your strengths and focus on them. Prevent negative thoughts to bog you down. You need to realize the self-worth and feel confident about your qualities and skills. You need to reinforce that a bad phase doesn’t mean a bad life and you are worth the best! You should explore rewarding ways of using your abilities to boost your confidence and happiness.

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  • Get moving

When you are upset about something, you tend to isolate and lock yourself in a room but getting close to nature can work wonders for you. Even if it is a 15-minute walk or spending some time at the park, just move out of your home as it is essential to take a break from mundane routine which reminds you of the miseries. This also helps in getting a better perspective on your situation.

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  • Indulge in workout

Exercising is a great way of fighting the mood swings and stress. A sound mind requires a sound body. If you can’t spend some time to work out separately, seek various opportunities to stay active in routine like taking stairs instead of lift or swimming. Swimming not only boosts your mood but also helps in managing the depression.

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  • Pursuing a hobby

It is essential to keep yourself busy in order to avoid negative thoughts. Pursuing a hobby will not only keep you distracted but also help in feeling better. Many people discover their hidden skills and talents during the tough phase of their lives.

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  • Be realistic

Though it is important to be positive during hard times, you need to have ‘realistic optimism’ otherwise you will be set of disappointments. Positivity does not mean giving false hopes to yourself but coping with the situation strongly and believing that everything happens for a reason and life still has the best in store for us.

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  • Focusing on the present

When you are upset it is obvious to feel anxious and worried about future. This happens with people especially while breakups/ divorces and business or financial crisis. They are worried about the uncertainty of the future which leads to stress and over thinking which is the root cause of anxiety. Thinking about future possibilities won’t make any of them less likely to happen. It’s better to focus on the present as your present is the only time over which you have control.

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  • Communicate

It is important to share your feeling with a confidant as it will make you feel better. Once in a while, you need to communicate your feeling and vent out the angst, frustration or pain. Your confidant can be your friend, sibling, parent, or partner. Sharing your feelings or crying in front of someone doesn’t make you any less strong! You need to let it out and let go off. Also, sharing your issues with someone can help in getting a genuine advice which might help you. And even if they can’t help, the mere presence of a confidant will definitely make you feel better.

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  • Yoga

Taking resort to yoga during tough times can help in dealing with the anxiety, stress, and depression. Yoga and meditation can help in restoring your mental peace and relax your senses. It also helps in treating insomnia which is common during stress and depression. Yoga charges your mood which helps in keeping the negative thoughts at bay. Practicing yoga during your gloomy days will infuse positivity, clarity of thoughts and better perspective to deal with your life.

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Life will never guarantee trouble-free times but keeping these points in mind will certainly help in coping with challenging situations and won’t break your spirit.

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