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3 Simple Exercises That Can Introduce You To Yoga

If you’ve never tried yoga before, the whole thing might seem a little bit strange to you. A lot of beginners or prospective yogis are skeptical of the level of exercise that’s really involved, and fail to understand just how refreshing regular yoga sessions can be for body, mind, and spirit. Even that phrase I […]

7 effective yoga asanas that will boost your brain power

Out brain is an amazing organ which is capable of doing unimaginable things. Protecting the well-being and sanity of our brain should be the top priority. There are several factors such as stress, lifestyle and diseases that might allow the psychiatric disorders to affect the functioning of our brain. To avoid this undesirable situation and […]

How Yoga is the Perfect Remedy for Sleep Deprivation

How Yoga is the Perfect Remedy for Sleep Deprivation As people get busier, sleep deprivation is a possibility. World Sleep Day statistics found that over 45 % of the world’s population is experiencing sleep deprivation, and their health is being compromised because of it. Ironically, those who sacrifice sleep for their jobs actually end up […]

Doing ‘Jal Neti’ technique the correct way!

A video of has been trending these days on various social media sites. It talks about nasal irrigation with help of a specially designed ‘Nose cleaner’. It is emerging as one of the effective ways of maintaining personal hygiene which helps in clearing the nasal cavity. During the nasal cleaning process, the nasal cavity is […]

Things you need to know before having a stint with yoga

The art of yoga encompasses many aspects which you explore on your journey. Yoga has become an essential part of our lives wherein we see almost everyone taking resort to their yoga mats each morning. With so many hullabaloos around yoga, there are certain notions which have been pre-conceived by people that break during their […]

Do you believe that you are far from being creative? Here’s how Yoga can help in unleashing your inner creativity!

We often find ourselves appreciating something beautiful that captivates our vision. A painting, artifact, a soulful poetry or any other form of art like music or dramatics which exudes creativity always fascinates us. Creativity has no confined limits and we can witness it even in small things. It’s about how unique approach you have; looking […]

If you aspire to reach new horizons of Yoga, here are few tips that will keep you motivated throughout the training!

Yoga has been a life-changing experience for many which have led to more and more people being keen on re-discovering their mental and physical health. The goodness of Yoga reflects in our routine whether it’s personal or professional life. Quite contrary to the popular belief, the benefits of yoga are far more than physical well-being. […]