300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India

Nobody can ever know enough about yoga. With time, the art of Yoga has been evolving and new discoveries and benefits of yoga have been disclosed. Considering the same, we offer a 300-Hour YTTC, to continue the journey of learning yoga for those who have completed the 200-Hour YTTC. This course emphasizes mainly on the therapeutic form of yoga and enhances the understanding relating to teaching yoga.

After completing 200-Hour YTTC, it is imperative that one also understands how to instruct and teach complicated styles and techniques of yoga, along with deepening the understanding of the basic and fundamental concepts. This course will ensure the same and make an individual a more confident practitioner and a better teacher.

300-Hour Teacher Training Syllabus:

During this course, one will understand Hatha (both, therapeutic and traditional), Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga’s fundamental concepts. The focus will specifically lie on:

Yoga Therapy:

Many ailments and internal imbalances can be overcome through the yoga asana. The students will be introduced to the anatomy and pathology of issues relating to diet, the relations of asanas and the body and pranayama and the issues that can be addressed through yoga. The structure of the sessions will be such that they will focus on common ailments, injuries, and methods, dealing with alignment and props in different ways, in order to support the individual.


Postures or asanas will take up four hours of the schedule every day. Three styles of yoga will be taught, being, Hatha, both, traditional and therapeutic, Vinyasa and Ashtanga. The 300-hour YTTC is an extensive course concentrating on the asanas and different dynamics to them from various perspectives, including holistic, therapeutic and alignment.

Teaching Methodology:

Focuses on learning the four instruments of teaching, instruction, demonstration, observation, and adjustment. Adjustment is given more emphasis while working on different bodies with injuries. Along with that, students will also learn to use different props from the Iyengar tradition, which will further help them teach their students by achieving balance in their practice. They will also be taught sequencing for all their styles and levels. These classes will mainly be practical and each student will be reviewed and supported whenever required. The students would also be guided in observing an examination for 200-Hour YTTC exam and will be asked to give constructive feedback.

Yoga Anatomy:

Applied anatomy with Ayurvedic views relating to yoga and physiology will be taught to the students to strengthen their explanations, cues and also an understanding of asanas. Various body dynamics and how yoga affects them is described and understood in a more practical manner, helping the students notice every tiny change taking place while practicing the asanas.


Patanjali’s yoga sutras and methodology of yoga are usually explained and discussed in this class. Students are encouraged to interact in order to put their ideas and interpretations of yoga across more confidently. Scriptures like Gita are also discussed to make the discussion broader and more authentic.

Pranayama, Yogic Breathing, Yoga Nidra & Chanting:

These techniques are learned for exposing the essential energy centers in the body and students may also become good enough to teach these.

Shatkarmas and Kriyas are an integral part of yoga:

Shankhprakashan (colon cleansing), Jala Neti and Sutra Neti (sinus cleansing) and Trataka (Gazing) are some cleansing effects and techniques that students at Mahi Yoga get an opportunity to exercise. These techniques are taught systematically and gradually, enabling the students to imbibe every benefit of them.


Students are guided to control their thoughts and are taught both, active and non-active forms. They also learn sound and many other techniques. Lastly, they are asked to guide 200-Hour YTTC students to meditate on their own.


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05 May to 02 June 2024300 Hrs YTTC1900 USD2000 USDApply Now
01 July to 28 July 2023300 Hrs YTTC1900 USD2000 USDApply Now
01 Oct to 28 Oct 2023300 Hrs YTTC1900 USD2000 USDApply Now


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