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“Bhujang” is derived from the Sanskrit language whichmeans a serpent or a snake. Bhujangasan is calledas “Cobra Pose” in English. Bhujangasan is one of the most important asanas. It is extremely beneficial for patients with back pain and its related disorders. The entire exercise called Surya Namaskara (Suryanamaskar) among which the Bhujangasan is seventh in the order. The yoga teacher training in India dedicates a number of sessions exclusively to teach surya namaskaras. This is beneficial to the day-to-shoulder posture, hand, back, kidneys, and liver improves its reliability and can help you get rid of many diseases.

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How to practice Bhujangasana

The 200 hour yoga teacher training certification programs and yoga teacher training in Dharamsala at Mahi Yoga ensures each one get the right way of doing each asana that constitute surya namaskara.

300 hour YTTC at Mahi Yoga

  1. First and the foremost thing is to ensure to choose a ventilated place neat and clean to practice any yogasana. Afterlaying the asana (mat) lie down on your stomach.
  2. Keep both your feet wide spread. And place your chin on the ground. Keep both the elbows adjacent to both sides of the ribs, by putting the palms of both hands on the floor. (Note- Remember, the hands and toes should be straight, and both elbows should be turned straight at the sky).
  3. While mindful of this particular serpent posture of the hand of both hands, always just below the shoulder (on the ground) should be engaged.
  4. Now place your head on the ground. And with both the eyes closed, slowly filling the breath inside the body raise the chin up, then take the partabove the necktowards the sky. Then slowly lift your chest. Part of your stomach and then slowly lift up.
  5. Further, moving upward to the neck back to inflect backwards (like Command). Raise up the body and take care to ensure least stress on hands to the extent possible. Keep in mind to put both feet on the ground by the front of the body and try to move up to the frontat normal speed.
  6. After moving into this posture, open both of your eyes and maintain normal respiratory rate (breathing in normal speed bike and miss out). Start with twenty seconds to remain in this posture, then proceed to thirty seconds and so on. Slowly bring the body downwards from the raised position.
  7. Now gradually bring your body into the initial posture as described on step 2 and rest for as long as needed.
  8. Finally, rest in shavasana, the corpse pose, to relieve body of all the stress.

How long can one stay in the posture of Bhujangasana

How to Prepare yourself for Yoga Teacher Training in India

  1. Bhujangasana should be practiced up to three times at the beginning. (i.e., a set of twenty seconds, thirty seconds and three sets) practice can be extendedslowly after increasing the number to five, seven, eleven, or twenty times.
  2. One should stay up tomaximum twenty to thirty seconds in serpent posture and then should land again.This time limit may be extended with the practice, but the body may have more trouble staying in this position for longer time and may turn to be harmful as well if practiced without proper caution. One should attend the yoga teacher training in Goa to know the dos and donts of each and every asana on detail.

What are the advantages of Bhujangasana?

  1. Continual practice of this asana can cure women menstrual cycle disorders. And reproductive diseases are cured. The yoga teacher training in India exclusively explains the pro and cons of each and every asana based on the need and health restrictions of the person who practices it.
  2. The serpent posture strengthens the back bone. Constipation and gas problem disappears. Strengthens the digestive system and the excess fat accumulated in the abdomen (Weight Loss) will be burnt. If practiced daily, the back bone becomes flexible.
  3. Bhujangasana is beneficial for the asthma patients. The snake neck posture cures all the common diseases in that region.
  4. Bhujangasan helps the kidney and liver stay healthy. And if a person suffers with kidney, or liver or any disease related to the abdomen, then the posture can cure it. This posture also increases the body’s immunity.
  5. Individuals who work all day sitting accumulate extra fat around the abdomen and waist. This asana reduces such fat faster.
  6. Bhujngasn makes the respiratory (breathing pattern) better.

Cautions for Bhujangasan

Yoga teacher training in India

  1. Keep both of your shoulders straight. Try to spread the shoulders as much possible. Relax in the posture. Enjoy the experience and the dignity of the body posture. Do not use excessive force.
  2. Patients with severe pains (serious back injury / serious back pain)should practice this postureonly after consulting the doctor.
  3. Hernia and ulcer patients should not at all practice this asana. Pregnant women should also avoid doing this asana. Women should not practice this asana during the menstrual cycle. People who have undergone any type of surgery should practice this asana only after doctor’s advice.