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Yoga is one of the ancient forms of healing which has been practiced in India since ages. With the passage of time, even the western countries have adopted Yoga as a part and parcel of their life. But not many know that Yoga is capable of healing our body physically.

In times when hectic lifestyle and poor eating habits are leading us to host of ailments and even chronic diseases, it is a time when we take resort to Yoga for healing our body ourselves. Our dependence on medicines has increased in comparison to the earlier times. Call it our ignorance, impatience or the restlessness to get quick results, we never allow our bodies to heal on their own.

Medical establishments prove that body can heal itself. It is known as the ‘Placebo effect’. It means that the body is enabled with self-repair mechanism which has the power of curing. Our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs can help our body. Don’t view your medical condition as an ailment, instead look at it as a chance to reconnect and love yourself. Make yoga your partner in the journey and explore new paths of positivity, health, and contentment.

Yoga Teacher Training in India


Here are five essential tips to help your body heal on its own:

  • Yoga and Healing

The need for healing, wholeness, and balance in humans is fundamentally similar to that of Yoga. ‘yoga’ means to unite or bring together and ‘heal’ means to unite or make whole. In a way, both yoga and healing share the same goal! Yoga is a holistic approach which heals the body by making us whole. In fact, every aspect of the Yoga plays a key role in the healing process be it nurturing body movement, meditation, breathing exercise or relaxation. Yoga stimulates mental, physical and spiritual health to flourish.

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  • Relaxation

Relaxation is believed to be the mantra for healing. Our inner healing process is encouraged by bringing the mind and body to rest. It is an established fact that relaxation techniques have a positive impact on well being of a person. With regular Yoga and relaxation practice one can calm the sympathetic nervous system and activate the parasympathetic nervous system. Deep relaxation is observed to regulate the breathing, lower the heart rate, normalize blood pressure and release muscular tension. By getting rid of anxiety one can strengthen their immune system as well.

Yoga and Healing at Mahi Yoga

  • Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is considered as a transformative practice which brings a change in the body on a profound level. Yoga Nidra is helpful in curing chronic ailments from the energies which are present deep within. Free flow of the energies inside us enable in achieving optimum physical health. However, Yoga Nidra is not just for physical healing, it promotes overall healing with spiritual and emotional healing as well. It helps in acknowledging and accepting the reality but offers peace to resume our daily lives.

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  • Sankalpa

Sankalpa means determination which makes for a positive intent. Sankalpa helps in directing the energies towards healing. Sankalpa inspires and keeps the motivation alive for healing. Our Sankalpa can be a promise to ourselves and serve as a willpower to heal. It helps in being affirmative throughout the process of healing.

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  • Visualization

It is said that visualization such as images, chakras, storylines or healing allows the insecurities and fears to surface so that one can acknowledge and release them. It can help in getting rid of emotional, psychological and karmic reasons of illness and open our mind and body for new experiences.

These deep Yoga healing techniques can be learned from 200 hour YTT course in India at Mahi Yoga. One can take resort to the comprehensive Yoga Teacher training in Dharamsala to heal the body through Yoga amidst the serenity of nature.