300 Hour Yoga Certification in Goa, India

Sivananda Yoga

Sivanada Yoga is a type of yoga that focuses primarily on getting the body to relax and getting rid of diseases. In short, Sivanada Yoga focuses on making the body healthier. It focuses on five main principles, which are: breathing properly, performing correct exercises, relaxing in a correct way, a proper diet that will help the body heal faster and positive thinking and meditating. Its main aim is to make all the stress leave the body and for the person to experience full relaxation. Sivanada Yoga, which you will learn more about at the yoga teacher training courses in Goa, can be performed in any position and can be used to help the body enter that specific state required for long term meditation.

Yoga teacher training in Dharamsala

In general, yoga is a ritual through which people cleanse their bodies of the bad substances that will bring about ilnesses. These substances can be coffee, tea, eggs, milk and others, which is why yoga in general is practiced together with a healthy vegetarian diet. This way, the body is cleansed of bad substances, while the mind is releaved of the daily stress through the actual ritual of yoga and this is exactly what Sivanada yoga teaches.

Yoga teacher training in India

At the yoga teacher training in India, our students will learn the advantages of performing this type of yoga, which include physical ones, such as losing weight much easier and in a healthy way, thinking positively and finding easy solutions to every day challenges, particularly for those living in busy cities, as well as psychological ones, such as releasing the stress that many people deal with on a regular basis, help you focus on the objectives much easier and overcoming various challenges and problems that arise in your path and many more. Sivanada yoga is usually performed in nature, in a quiet and calm place, so the body and mind will be able to focus on the meditation and the task at hand without worrying about various sounds other than the ones coming from the nature. This is why these yoga teachers training courses in India offer you the perfect environments to practice Sivananda Yoga and experience all the benefits of this wonderful ritual.

Shivananda yoga at Mahi Yoga Centre

The 300 hour YTTC in India will also teach you how to reduce the daily calory intake, which will result into two main benefits: first, you will lose weight much easier, without feeling as though you are dieting, and secondly, you will also release all the unwanted substances from the body, thus boosting your immune system and making it a lot more resistant to diseases.

Yoga teacher training in Rishikhesh

The Sivananda Yoga courses in India are a great way of losing weight and we all know how important this is in this day and age. During these 200 hour YTT certification programs courses, you will learn how to fully relax your body, how to lose weight in a healthy way, without worrying about the calory intake after the diet is over and how to help you body fight off various diseases. The yoga teacher training in Goa, Dharamsala and Rishikhesh at Mahi Yoga will also help you think positively about life and the various challenges that may lie ahead, as well as find creative solutions. Sivananda Yoga is something everyone needs in their life.