Everything about Vajrasana

Among all Yogasanas,a posture which can be done immediately after a meal or snack is Vajrasana. Vajrasana practice is very beneficial for health. People of all ages can easily do Vajrasana. This beneficial posture is called as Diamond Pose in English. This asana can be done at any time during the day. Thunderbolt means rigid / strong / strong is the case. To repair blood flow in the body and digestibility (Digestive System) has been reported to increase through Vajrasana, a perfect posture. Vajrasana practised daily strengthen the thighs and knees.

300 hour YTTC at Mahi Yoga

Vajrasana is a good workout for all the nerves in the lower back to the legs. 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification Programs and Yoga teacher training in India at Mahi Yoga teaches Vajrasana in detail as a part of its course.

Vajrasana as a part of Yoga teacher training in Goa is practiced as follows:

Yoga teacher training in Dharamsala

  • Like every asana before Vajrasana select any neat, clean and place and lay down the mat and sit in normal pose.
  • Spread of the visits to both legs and now ventured. Now your body weight, consult your left and right leg slightly bent at the knees by Maude put in the right hip. And then taking the same side of your body weight, consult your other leg (left leg) by Maude left hip down to the knees apart.
  • Mind you, both of you should be bent like claws feathers seat on top of that you can be kept comfortable. Thus, the difference must be in both legs the two toes should touch each other.
  • Now consult your Place both hands on the knees, consult your toes. Both palms (palms) should be toward the knees). Do not sit in Vajrasana crooked body, keep the body upright.
  • After thoroughly consult your body free to make deposits Vajrasana (Note- freeing the hips and shoulders to let band is not, sitting directly on the sea, is to relax.).
  • Now take a deep breath, consult your body. Remember to breathe through the nose while the Vajrasana. Mouth breathing is not inside, so things do not do this posture.
  • Now close your eyes and enjoy the Vajrasana, and at normal speed and the time gap on the breath taking in breath and out.
  • At the beginning of Vajrasana little strain in the muscles of the feet may feel, but after a few days of practice this asana can be effortlessly own.
  • After three to five minutes practicing the Vajrasana Apanen consult your knees in order to direct them in the same order and take today. Sit in the common currency.

Yoga teacher training in Goa teaches how long one should practice Vajrasana:

Yoga teacher training in Rishikhesh

  • Vajrasana morning on an empty stomach can also be used and can also be used after meals. One should start Vajrasana three to five minutes. Increased practice it longer (ten minutes) may also be used. (Note – the legs start to hurt or pain that began as long Vajrasana sit)
  • Why should you practice Vajrasana?
  • Vajrasana the body weight (Weight Loss) to help. Decreases fat thighs. The size of buttocks and thighs, shapely and beautiful forms. Over the abdomen and waist fat (Fat) decreases. Hydro’s heavy-ends and abdomen.
  • Lighter on the stomach and intestines Vajrasana pressure on the middle, so it’s easy for left more freedom from all diseases of the stomach is useful. This asana constipation, gas, belching sour, etc. Problems ends.
  • Vajrasana blood flow to the body seems to be better. And continual practice of Vajrasana Sciatica gets rid of such terrible disease.
  • Vajrasana ends the problem of Hypertension (High Blood pressure). Foot Maspeshiya Sskt afford. And taking deep breaths at normal speed during Vajrasana lungs also benefit.
  • Abdominal fat and more of a person because of gas Tund (Bally) to come out if the person Vajrasana continual within a few days, I think having stomach. The use of this posture by an inch a week I might be lower abdomen.
  • Concentration (Concentration) to increase the power and versatility of the mind is useful for removing Vajrasana. This posture is the stress away.
  • Sometimes I eat favorite foods lanes due to an overdose of the heart and the stomach would feel pressure, to overcome this problem should sit on Vajrasana three to five minutes.
  • If the body becomes flexible Vajrasana muscles. And body Metabolizhm (Metabolism) remains intact. Vajrasana the Lower Back pain is a problem of distance.

Yoga teacher training in Goa also instructs the necessary precautions to be followed:

YTT in Dharamsala

  • The person in this position Vajrasana should not rush. Tknen, knees, or ankles may be any kind of surgery, they must not be this easy. Bones I should not easy to shake the person’s illness.
  • Anen Vajrasana the affair began, back is in pain, Tknen start to hurt, knees or any other body to more pain Jud began to immediately stop the practice of this asana should go to the doctor.
  • Bones disease or weakness, shortness of the bones I should not Vajrasana such persons may gravis. People with excess weight Vajrasana Yoga expert sitting so I must do something immediately to help disturbances.
  • Pregnant women should not practice Vajrasana.