Vinayasa Yoga

Vinayasa Yoga courses in India

The term „vinyasa” comes from the ancient language of Sanskrit, the language many linguists believe to have been the mother of all other languages. Vinyasa translates into „to place in a special way”, which reflects exactly what this type of yoga focuses on: putting the body in special positions, linking each position to a special breathing pattern, in order to achieve the benefits of the Vinyasa yoga. These benefits include reducing the stress level, which is highly important for those that live in major cities, where they have deadlines and the stress level tends to build up more and more, as well as boost the immune system and increase the flexibility and the strength of the body. The 200 hour yoga teacher training certification courses in India will help you get acquainted with this type of yoga and experience first hand the many benefits it brings both to the body and the mind.

Yoga teacher training in Dharamsala

First of all, as mentioned beforehand, Vinyasa Yoga focuses primarily on flexibility and performing various positions, together with a special type of breathing pattern in order to help release the stress. Similar to massages, by pushing the body into performing certain positions, the stress will be slowly drained out of the body, which will lead to relaxation of the body and of the mind. Despite the fact that Vinyasa yoga can be performed from home, by watching various videos and using the Internet to scan for more information, it is recommended that you take Vinyasa yoga courses in India, the birthplace of yoga for multiple reasons. First, because you will get to be taught by a professional teacher and second, because he, the environment and the other students you will encounter at the classes, will help you relax more and perform each asana, or body position, correctly, without hurting the body in the process.

Yoga teacher training in Goa

Vinyasa Yoga is recommended to everybody, but it is particularly helpful for those that are working under pressure, such as business people that have a lot of responsibility on their hands. At these yoga teacher training in India courses at Mahi Yoga, you will learn how to perform Vinyasa Yoga correctly and if you do it regularly, you will see the benefits immediately, meaning the relaxation and the reduced levels of stress in the body. It will be much easier dealing with tasks, various challenges or obstacles that may appear in the way with a clear mind and a relaxed body.

 How to Prepare yourself for Yoga Teacher Training in India

Besides the reduced level of stress and the complete relaxation this type of yoga brings, during the 300 hour YTTC in India, you will also learn how to decrease the metabolism, so as to lose weight much easier, how to lower the blood pressure and thus, avoid various heart diseases, as well as how to make the blood flow correctly in the entire body. Therefore, the vinyasa yoga courses in India will have positive effects both on the physical health of the body, as well as reduce the stress and provide complete relaxation of the mind and body.