Yoga Nidra

 Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a very important type of yoga, because through it, students will learn how to reach that particular state of meditation where your body is completely relaxed, much like it is when you are sleeping, but your mind is fully alert and aware of everything that is happening around it. Despite the fact that the only person to have reached this kind of state was Swami Satyananda Saraswati, here, at the yoga teacher training in India, we will teach you how to drive your body and mind into this state. In fact, the name itself, yoga nidra”, comes from the ancient language of Sanskrit, and it means „yogic sleep”.

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There are three main things you must remember about yoga nindra : Pranayama. Now, this word comes from „prana”, which means „the energy” and it refers to the breathing pattern you must follow when practicing yoga nindra. By controlling your breath, you will learn how to slowly move your body towards the perfect state yoga nindra teaches about. Dharana means learning how to concentrate on your inner self, on your inner energy. This is yet another step towards achieving that special state.

Benefits of yoga Nidra at Mahi Yog Centre

Pratyahara. Through this stage, you will learn how to control your „apetite” for various pleasures that do not help your mind or body, but rather hurt it. This is extremely important for those living in major cities that have bad habits and want to get rid of them.

Benefits of yoga Nidra

At the 200 hour yoga teacher training certification courses in India, you will learn that yoga nidra enables the body to achieve a state of complete relaxation, while also keeping the mind fully alert and aware of everything that is happening around it. This can help release the stress of the body, clear the mind and also help you understand better what your body and your mind want most.

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The main benefit of Yoga Nidra is the fact that it can help release the stress of the daily life, especially for those living in big cities. By driving the body and mind into a state where one is completely relaxed, while the other is kept awake can do wonders for you. At the Vinyasa teacher training in Goa, we will help you use YogaNidra for specific objectives such as making your mind focus only on certain objectives, while leaving other unimportant ones aside. Through this type of yoga, your mind will be able to focus all its will towards achieving that one goal. Moreover, the yoga teacher training in Dharamsala from Mahi Yoga will help your mind release all its creativity, have a better memory and help you manage psychological disorders much easier.

Things to remember:

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1. YogaNidra is a type of yoga that requires the person to fully relax its body, but it must never be practiced after lunch or after having a meal. Chances are, you will end up taking a nap instead of practicing yoga.

2. We, at the yoga teacher training in Goa, will make sure all of our students have a blanket while practicing YogaNidra because due to the fact that this ritual often drops the body temperature, all of you will end up feeling cold.

3. The environment where you should practice yoga should be a calm one, generally in nature, as far away from loud noises as possible.