Anatomy and physiology

Yoga Teacher Training in India anatomy and Physiology Syllabus :

1. Introduction to anatomy and physiology; with general overview to the human body:

The session will include a general idea about the human body about its constitution  and compositon.. We will explore the  11 systems of the body: the Integumentary System, Nervous System, Skeletal System, Endocrine System, Muscular System, Cardiovascular System, Lymphatic System, Respiratory System, Urinary System, Reproductive System, and Digestive System. Giving in site to our beautiful body from where the journey of yoga begins.

Learning Objective:

Students will be able to identify the major body systems, their functions and  their brief physiology.


2. The digestive system:

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The session will give general introduction about the digestive system, the parts of digestive system and the process of the digestion of food and its co- relation with yoga in life practices  with its importance and nutrition.

Learning objective:

This way students will know about the relation of food with yoga and their body.


3. The respiratory system:

In these sessions general information about the parts of respiratory system will be included, the phenomenon of breathing will be explained and  there by ,sequencing  yoga and meditation practices with breath will be told .

Learning objectives:

The students will explore the inner journey of their body with the connection of body , mind and breath.


4. The circulatory system:

Circulation system of Yoga at Mahi Yoga Centre

This system gives an idea of the circulatory system  with functioning of heart and the flow of blood in the body , the effect of this system on yoga and vice –versa will be  explained.

Learning objective:

Through this session students will explore the knowledge  and connection of the flow of blood with the asana practices.


5. The Endocrine system:

In this session we will explain different glands of our body  and the hormones they release ,their  bilateral relationship with yogic practices and the effect of this system on yoga.

Learning Objective:

The students will be able to have deeper understanding of their body and mind with emotions and thoughts to know the connectivity and the technique of strengthening their mind through these practices.


6. The Skeletal system:

The skeletal system is the basis of our body and through  this session we will make students familiar with the system of bones and joints. The different parts of bones in our body and their relation with the movement as the body moves in and out of the posture. The session will also include details of some of the joints of the body especially the Cranio-cervical joint,  the spine,the   knee joint, hip joint and the shoulder joint.

Learning objective:

The main focus of this session will be to make students aware of the movements of the body through which they progress in yoga for getting into the posture and coming out of the posture, with the precautions and care taken while making these movements.


7. The muscular system:

This session will gives  the detailed  information about a muscle structure, with the phenomenon as to how a muscle makes a movement. Explaining the mechanics of movement of the body in some asanas.

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Learning Objectives:

Through this session the students will be able to make out the difference between the muscles of different parts of the body  and  which muscles are involved in different movements of the body with regards to different posses.


8. Anatomical guidelines for  asanas:

These  sessions will give students  practical demonstration of the movement and mechanics with respect to some basic asanas.

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Learning objectives:

through this session students wil be practically able to know the movements and the muscles used for those movement to perfect their asana posture.


9. Prevention and cure of common injuries in yoga practices:

As injuries and yoga go hand in hand therefore, special guidelines to prevent the injuries  and the common cures for the injuries will be taught.

Learning objectives:

The students will be able to know about the common injuries in yoga practices from 200 hour yoga teacher training certification programs at Mahi Yoga and, how to practice yoga with safety and what precautions should be taken will making the posture and while getting into and out of the posture.