Yoga better Mind, body, and spirit

Here’s why you should pick Yoga Teacher Training in India over Gym any day!

With the passage of time gymming has become a fad. The concept of Gym has been promoted so much that it seems like the only or best way of maintaining fitness. Adding to that is our unhealthy celebrity obsession which makes us blindly follow their lifestyle. But the fact of the matter is that Gym can only help in structuring our body. For a wholesome dose of health and fitness, one needs to look beyond those exercise machines!

Yoga can be considered as a much better option if you are seeking more than just the physical benefits. It has always been a matter of debate whether Yoga is better than Gym. Let’s have a look at some of the pertinent reasons which prove Yoga is way better than Gym!

  1. For Mind, body, and spirit

While you work on toning your body with yoga, it will also help in infusing positive energy in your spirit which is impossible to achieve at Gym since it only focuses on improving the physical condition.

Yoga makes you strong mentality

  1. Yoga is about acceptance

300 hour YTTC also helps in bringing acceptance of the self. It helps you in believing that you perfect with your strengths and even with your flaws. More than self-improvement, Yoga is about self-acceptance. The Gym can infuse a feeling of failure initially when you are not able to perform as expected. That’s also one of the reasons why Yoga classes never have mirrors so that one can focus on self instead of worrying about which shape your body is in, unlike the gyms!

  1. Yoga is efficient than Gym

Unlike Gym classes which used a gamut of weights or equipment, Yoga simply relies on your body and its strengthening. The body gets toned by using its own weights which also enhances the muscle strength. With Gym equipments each muscle has to be worked out separately which is also time-consuming. The stretching of muscles not only strengthens them but also offers a clean appearance to you while the Gym will offer a bulked up look.


  1. Yoga is not time and place-bound

While you need a proper Gym set up along with equipment for the quintessential Gym session, yoga can be practised anywhere and everywhere. You can practice yoga at home or at park, balcony or even at a small space. You don’t need to rely on resources.

Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamsala

  1. Yoga is Gentle on body

Having said that, one can’t assume that Yoga is always easy as few asanas are difficult than they seem! Still, it is much better than Gym as you don’t unnecessarily push your boundaries or end up hurting yourself. Yoga produces heat and works on muscles but it’s all in the confined limits of your body’s limits. Yoga is a journey of progression wherein you start with basics and prepare for next asana.

Yoga Teacher Training in India

  1. Yoga reduces pains

While a rigorous Gym session can end up causing you immense pain, Yoga will help in soothing it. Yoga stretches the muscles opening the energy channels of body which enhances flexibility. It keeps both the joints and muscles lubricated as well as healthy. However, the weights, treadmills and other equipments can cause injuries and leave you with sore muscles.

Yoga at Mahi yoga reduces pains

  1. Yoga offers Calmness

Yoga is more of a calm and relaxed expression which can nowhere be seen at a Gym wherein one can only find grunting, grimacing and clenched teeth. The intention of yoga is to release the tension from mind and body. Yoga classes have meditation as a part of their daily practice which helps in clearing the clutter from mind. With long term practice, one can deal with stress quite easily in day to day life. It’s difficult to find peace at Gym owing to its competitive nature and loud ambience.

Mahi Yoga helps in improving concentration

  1. Yoga helps in improving concentration

The yoga session is all about breathing techniques and postures. There is no scope for any external distractions. There is no way one can find this tranquillity at Gym.

  1. Yoga is for everyone

The Gym is confined to people who have the kind of physical ability to endure the rigorous training. However, yoga can be practised by anyone. There is no age or gender bar for 200 hours yoga teacher training certification programme. Yoga can also be practised by people suffering from cardiac ailments, cancer or any other chronic disease. Gym sessions can never be therapeutic.

Yoga Teacher training in Goa makes you calmer

The Yoga teacher’s training is the best way to get acquainted with advanced yoga techniques which transform your life. Yoga is an art that helps in adopting a healthy and positive lifestyle. The teacher’s training can also help in spreading the knowledge to others. The Yoga teachers training at Dharamshala at Mahi Yoga is the perfect destination for having a tryst with Yoga.