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Udgeeth Pranayama

Udgeeth Pranayama is also called as “Omkari jap”. This is a very simple type of Pranayama and Meditation practice. A person who practices UdgeetPranayama each day in the morning can enjoy many physical and spiritual benefits. UdgeetPranayama helps you to deal with anxiety, guilt, resentment, sadness, and fear. The practice of pranayama and meditation increases your strength. The person is free of fear and confidence increases. Blood circulation in the body starts to process properly, due to which there is a divine sparkle on the face of the person and stunning aura.

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While practicing Omkar one should be able to witness omkar in each and every cell of nature. You must learn to relieve yourself from all kinds of physical issues and diseases and practice focusing your attention on the omnipresent consciousness. You must learn to know yourself and recognize and realize the immense potential persistent inside you. Begin the Udgeeth Pranayama with a strong determination to realize the divinity in you.

Yoga teacher training in Goa at Mahi Yoga elaborated the steps involved in practicing Udgeeth Kumbhak as follows:

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  1. First, find a clean atmosphere, clean place to sit in lotus posture or sit in a chair. Udgeet pranayama breathing may have to start before the other to bringyour breath after a normal start to practice it.
  2. Practice Udgeet pranayama breathing at normal speed after the bond has to be inside the body. Omkar chanting and then have to leave out of breath.
  3. Keep in mind that this practice is to take a long breath, to breathe at normal speed and then exhale while Omkar (Oum) chanting the same breath, take out the normal speed.
  4. While the focus is on Ajna Chakra you should practice Udgeetpranayama. Bear in mind as well as the way out of breath Omkar chanting “O” as long as you said, three times more than the “M” such as their power as long as possible is a long chanting.
  5. During Udgeet pranayama breath inside the body for three to five seconds of time to take hold.
  6. Leave when the breath out of with the chanting Omkar for fifteen to twenty seconds, accordingly. Try dragging its power. (Note- consult your body by remaining within the limits imposed force).
  7. A normal person can do to seven times per day to practice Udgeet Pranayama. To practice UdgeetPranayama seven times, it might take three to four minutes.
  8. Pranayama breathing in and breathing out of every drop of speed is of great importance. NitherUdgeet pranayama is very rapid to breathe, now is it so very slow to breathe. You have to feel the positive energy around you in this pranayama breathing at normal speed to get inside you.
  9. Practice to increase 10 to 20 times the Pranayama i.e., can be from five to ten minutes. Persons suffering from acute diseases can do Udgeet pranayama for more than 10 minutes too.

Yoga teacher training in Goa laid out the list of benefits of Udgeet pranayama as follows:

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  1. Rising and convivial atmosphere is positive.
  2. Udgeet pranayamais a best practice to increaseMemory Power. It is useful to graspAnger. With regular practice, of Udgeet pranayama concentration and the resolution power grows.
  3. Mental stress, illness, anxiety, and fear many problems as seemingly ends withUdgeet pranayama practice. To overcome sleep disorders and the terrible dreams practice of Udgeetpranayama is better.
  4. UdgeetPranayama is beneficial to people of all ages. Whenever in tension and discomfort when practicing pranayama, it is beneficial to quiet the mind.
  5. Gas, acidity and other stomach diseases will go away with the practice of Udgeet pranayama.

Yoga teacher training in Goa emphasizes the precautions to be taken during the practice of Udgeet pranayama as follows:

  1. Udgeet pranayama breath inside the body should be making and taking out long-term.
  2. Any patient person sitting in Udgeet Pranayama Yoga should always be practiced under the guidance of expert after doctor’s advice. You can avail such benefits in Yoga teacher training in Goa.
  3. Udgeet pranayama and meals should have at least three to five hours gap between them. And if possible one should practice Udgeet pranayamaon an empty stomach in the morning.
  4. Pregnant women, asthma patients and those with heart disease should practiceUdgeet pranayama only after doctor’s advice.
  5. Udgeet Pranayama should not be done in noisy place. Else it is not even profitable to practice Udgeet pranayama.

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In order to practice any asana or pranayama correctly, one needs proper guidance while learning. You may consider avail such support and guidance from 200 Hour YTT Certification programs and Yoga teacher training in Rishikhesh at Mahi Yoga.