We often find ourselves appreciating something beautiful that captivates our vision. A painting, artifact, a soulful poetry or any other form of art like music or dramatics which exudes creativity always fascinates us. Creativity has no confined limits and we can witness it even in small things. It’s about how unique approach you have; looking at things in a different way with a different perspective. You don’t need to be an artist to utilize your creativity; it shows in small things like how you decorate your house or workspace. If you have a knack for cooking, you can show your creative side there as well by innovating new recipes or coming up with beautiful presentation.

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However, most of us convince ourselves into believing that some people are gifted with this innate sense of creativity and we are not one of those privileged individuals. But that’s not true. We all have our unique sense of creativity and aesthetics which somehow takes a back seat while growing up. Academic pressure, professional commitments and routine struggles lead to stress which takes the better of us. Ultimately we lose the connection with our creative instincts. And that’s how we start believing that creativity is not our cup of tea but a privilege that’s confined to few of us.

 Yoga helps to increase creativity in mind at Mahi Yoga

We are well acquainted with the wonders that Yoga does in our life. The physical and mental transformation witnessed after making Yoga a part of our lives is impeccable. But little did we know that Yoga, or so as to say meditation, can help in discovering or re-connecting with our creative side as well! And, that’s not a claim we are making based on some personal experience, there are many celebrated personalities associated with creative profession who vouch for the goodness of meditation.

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And, science backs all these claims too! The researchers from Leiden University have found that various meditation techniques promote creative thinking. Meditation is not a temporary thing; it has long-term effects on our cognition which impacts the way we perceive new ideas.

Wondering how exactly yoga and meditation do the miracle? Have a look:

  • Aanas boost your energy

If you practice your asanas well and focus on pranayama, lack of meditation won’t obstruct your creative path. If you are not able to dedicate enough time to meditation, even the asanas can lead to better ideas as they fill your body with energy and work as a fuel for boosting creativity. The energy flow makes our mind work better. It infuses life to our body and brain which supports the mental process. However, the asanas when accompanied with meditation gives incredible results.

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  • Realizing our true-self

Yoga Teacher Training in India and meditation help in connecting with our inner self. It transforms us from inside so it is quite obvious to experience a change in the way we see things. The essence of Yoga is personal transformation. More than change, it’s a transformation which is a gradual journey. When you connect with your inner self, newer ideas generate and you find ways to express your creativity.

Yoga is a powerful tool for transformation

  • Enhanced focus

Creativity can’t spread its wings in a mind which is distracted and anxious. If you have no control over your thoughts, your mind can’t conceive something creative. 300 hour YTTC and meditation teach us to focus making our minds stronger. Whenever you conceive an idea, the focus will help in bringing it to reality.

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  • Mindful meditation

Meditation leads to a reduction in thoughts which makes the mind empty after a while. If you are thinking how an empty mind can lead to creative thoughts; meditation doesn’t just make your mind empty, it makes your mind clear of random thoughts and brings calmness. This is the perfect state to acknowledge your creative ideas and infuse life into them. Studies show that Mindful meditation changes the physical structure of brain by increasing the activity in frontal cortex which is associated with focus.

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  • Happiness promotes creativity

Meditation helps in releasing stress and promotes the feeling of well-being. A person who is calm, satisfied and happy can think newer ideas. Life is not a bed of roses but Yoga certainly helps in dealing with your emotions. A person who is mentally blocked with emotions, stress or pressure can never give space to creativity in their lives.

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So, now that you know what Yoga can do to your life, time to hit your Yoga mat! If you are passionate about Yoga and wish to reach the new horizons, Yoga Teacher’s Training in Dharamsala is the place for you.

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The 200 hours yoga teacher training certification programme will make you eligible to become a professional yoga tutor. Pack your bags for a life-changing experience!

Happy Learning!