Yoga Asanas


There are hundreds of yoga asanas present today, some is traditional and in their original form, others are modified by great yogis but all in all these asanas provide and serve humans better health and calm mind. You can’t beat yoga by any other form of exercise because it’s simply not possible.

Yoga is thousands of years old with scientific logics and reasoning behind every posture and pose. Today, people are becoming fan of yoga because of benefits and improvements in physical health as well as mental health which provide peaceful, full working mind and both these traits are becoming impossible nowadays because of hectic lifestyle and tense, noisy environment.

Let me tell you that after telling or babbling about yoga, that yoga is not a wand of magic which can make lose 10 to 20 kg in a day (fantasy, guys) but I can assure you that if you do yoga with full enthusiasm and realistic, positive approach, you can definitely lose 10, 20 or even 40 kg weight over a period of time and that period of time depends on your hard work and yoga approach. Our YTT in Dharamsala programs in various parts of India provide best class teacher training to yoga enthusiasts at Mahi yoga Centre.

Now let’s come to the topic, shall we. Today, I am going to provide five various common asanas that can benefit you a lot if done regularly.

Tadasana (mountain pose)

Mountain pose is very famous for increasing height and boosting the level of flexibility in your body. This asana is very easy to do just lift up your toes with hands joined and above the head the inhale and bend backward creating a curve of 30 degree angle; then exhale and come to standing position, repeat this five times then raise the number as the time goes.

Tadasana Mountain Pose at Mahi Yoga Centre

By doing this asana can make your head, neck, shoulders and back problems less and gives flexibility and increase height. just do it and see results for yourselves plus this asana is suited for everybody because it is an easy level pose which can be done without experts guidance just remember to warm up your body before doing it.

Uttanasana (Standing Forward Fold Pose)

This asana is one of the starter’s asanas which every yoga teacher will teach you because it provides great results and is not hard to do properly. Stand straight without a thought in your mind and then inhale while bending forward your legs to touch the toes with your fingers.

There is an interesting thing about this asana and that is- if your are flexible than you will be able to touch toes without any problems but if your body is stiff and rigid then your hands can’t touch your toes without bending your knees. So don’t get bogged down because of it just try everyday and you will see that you are able to touch your toes and even able to bend your hands while touching them..

This asana is great for shoulders, arms, stretching and most importantly it provides relaxation from tensions and stress which is great for mind.

Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

This pose is quite difficult to execute as compared to the above ones but it got great results too, it is a big posture in terms of weight reducing asanas because it directly burns the belly fat which looks quite ugly.

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Not only this but it is very good for whole digestive system and various organs like kidneys, liver, pancreas, small and big intestines, also this asana brings flexibilty to back and hands and legs. This asana is a complete package because it affects almost everything in a good way.

Just lay down on the yoga matt; belly towards floor and then bent your legs upward on the back then lift our head and chest and bring your hands back to touch the ankles of each leg with individual hand. You will look like a boat that’s why it is called boat pose, now repeat this for five times and start raising numbers over time.

Sarvangasana (Supported Shoulder stand)

Beware, this pose is quite difficult and if there will be any mistake then you have to pay for it, literally. This asana should be done in the presence of a yoga teacher otherwise should be avoided. Supported shoulder stand is great for circulation of blood to brain and forth, which make our brain muscles strong and enhance of full functioning of our brain.

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This asana has two great benefits, one is functioning of pancreas in a proper way and the other is controlling of blood sugar level so it is very good for people who are suffering from diabetes and digestive disorders.

It also removes black circles and helps in providing good and peaceful sleep at night, so don’t forget to do this asana but not without yoga teacher. Our yoga teacher training programs gives various courses to yoga enthusiasts- so if you want to try out then see more information on our website.

Paschimottanasana (Forward Bend Pose)

This asaa is same as Uttanasana but the only difference is that uttannasanna is vertical while this one is horizontal. But this pose has more benefits than the vertical one. If you want to bring flexibility to your body then you can’t ignore this pose because it stretches your whole body from head to toes to hands to legs, it is also recommended by yoga experts to women for reducing the belly and lower abdomen fat, while it stretches your body, it also provides natural flexibility and relaxation of the whole body because in this asana, every muscle of our body stretches at the same time and then after relaxing from the pose, we feel quite light and happy.

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Just sit with your legs straight ahead of you and then try to touch your toes with your hands, as I have said before it can be quite hard at start but it will become easy after time and remember not to ditch any one of them because they have different results and science behind them.

That’s it for today folks but don’t forget to see our other articles about other important information on yoga and if you are yoga enthusiast then try our different 200 hour yoga teacher training certification program courses from starts to intermediary to professional ones and see at our different yoga teacher training in India at Mahi Yoga present in various places in India.

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