A video of has been trending these days on various social media sites. It talks about nasal irrigation with help of a specially designed ‘Nose cleaner’. It is emerging as one of the effective ways of maintaining personal hygiene which helps in clearing the nasal cavity. During the nasal cleaning process, the nasal cavity is washed with water to flush out debris and mucus from the nose. It also helps in fighting the throat issues and getting rid of sinuses.

The nose cleaner uses a gentle suction to have the water go up one nostril and then come out of other which brings out the allergens and germs and relieves the congestion. While the water from upper section goes up to the nasal, it comes out through other and gets accumulated in the lower section of the box. It prevents the water from spilling out of your nose.

It helps in promoting good sinus and nasal health. People suffering from chronic sinusitis with symptoms like a headache, facial pain, cough, nasal congestion, and water discharge can experience great relief from the cleansing. It can improve the sinus-related quality of life by decrease the medications used for treating frequent sinusitis. The process which takes only a few minutes promises to offers remarkable results.

While the technique seems new to many, it is to be known that the nasal cleaning has it origin almost 700 years ago! And, you don’t need to invest in special products for nasal cleaning as it can be done with help of a simple pot.

History of Jal Neti or Suddhi Kriya

The ‘nasal cleansing’ has its origin in ancient India and has been practiced for ages by people for the cleansing process. Popularly known as ‘Jal Neti’, it was done with help of the Neti-pot. One of the six purification kriyas, Neti is a yogic technique which was used to clean sinuses. Over the time, our sinus cavities get clogged with impurities which can cause infections, headaches, and inflammation. Cleansing kriyas prepare the body for higher practices of yoga. It was believed that nasal hygiene is important as lack of it can also lead to a migraine, allergies, and asthma. Neti was usually practiced in the morning after finishing the daily rituals.

Students doing Jal Neti at Mahi Yoga Centre

Benefits of practicing Jal Neti:

  • Daily practice removes dirt and bacteria trapped with the mucus in nostrils.
  • It pacifies sensitive tissues inside nose which can cause rhinitis or allergy.
  • It helps to deal with asthmatic conditions effectively and makes breathing easy.
  • It also reduces middle ear infection and tinnitus.
  • It keeps sinusitis and migraine attack at bay.
  • It can help in resolving upper respiratory issues like a sore throat, dry coughs, and tonsils.
  • It improves the vision by clearing eye ducts.
  • Clearing the nasal passage improves the sense of smell and digestion.
  • It also calms the mind and nervous system which helps in relieving stress.
  • If practiced regularly, it brings clarity to the mind and decreased instances of anger or frustration.
  • It improves the quality of meditation of the yogis.

Note- The Jal Neti should be practiced only under the guidance of an expert practitioner.

The correct way of doing ‘Jal Neti’ at Mahi Yoga Centre

The ‘Jal Neti is not just another technique but constitutes a part of the Shatkarmas. At Mahi Yoga centre, we explain our students the significance of Jal Neti Kriya and make them practice the shatkarmas or yoga kriyas. The shatkarmas are basically 6 cleansing techniques namely Neti, Dhauti, Nauli, Basti, Kapalbhati, and Trataka. Ayurveda works on the belief that our body is made of Pitta, Kapha and Vata and imbalance in any of these three becomes the root cause of diseases.

Guru Mahi teaching students how to do Jal Neti and Shuddhi Kriya

Thus, the traditional Hatha yoga follows shatkarmas for cleansing the body and mind from all diseases and negative issues. The process is also known as shuddhi kriya. From the 6 cleansing techniques, the first step we practice is ‘Neti’. The aim of doing Neti kriya is to clear the air passage in our head. The Neti kriya is done with help of ‘Jal’ which is why we call it ‘Jal Neti’. We also teach our students ‘sutra neti’ wherein the students make use of thick strong thread for the cleansing process.

If you wish to reap maximum benefits from the ‘Jal Neti’ kriya and get rid of long-term sinus and throat issues, Mahi Yoga centre can help you. Apart from the ‘Jal neti’, you can also go through the other 5 cleansing kriyas for a complete detox which ensures the effective functioning of your body. At Mahi, our supportive gurus are available to help you 24*7, even before and after the sessions. Comfortable accommodation amidst natural surroundings is another attraction of the Mahi Yoga centre.

Happy Learning!