Mistreating the Moody and Mother NatureMistreating the Moody and Mother  Nature

Neglecting one’s physical body is also an indication that one’s relationship with nature and the feminine is out of balance. We are guilty of the same carelessness with our own physical bodies that has characterized our relationship with mother Earth. One’s body is a microcosm of nature yours vein’s are the same river; your heart is the ocean. What have been you stuffing in yours mouth? What have you been chucking into the river; of yours body? You have likely ingested the very same product of the modern world that go into the outer river : plastic heavy metals and various chemicals.

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As long as you harbor this hostility towards the feminine, you will enviably feel a tremendous urge to devour junk food or what the ancient Hindu science of Ayurveda label tamsic food. You will the need to clog your sleep up with chemicals, with dead food, so what you may remain numb to yours own emotion. Junk food create more trash and it blocks up our system. We are drowning in trash on the planet. This is one of the problems we need to address in the outer world. Inwardly people compelled to numb yours self with tamsic food because you sence it as a dangerous to feel anything. If you thaw yours self out, if you restore feeling where there had once been insensitivity, you may initially feel some hatred, but you may feel love too. Love may even more threatening to yours personal status quo.

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When I speak of this subject can not refrain from talking about the westerner habit of eating meat-oe eating the mother in sense : fried or cooked, barbecued or roasted. You stick yours fork in her, cut her with a knife, put her into the your mouth and chew. The meat eating problem runs deep for it is directly connected to the cricis the earth is going through. Our rainforest are being destroyed in order to raise the cattle. Beef has became a mainstay of the world economy while un dreaming the possibility of building a long terms sustainable economy because it harmful environment impact.

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I have been some frist hand knowledge her. I often visit to the rain-forest and around. When I first went, I use to get full jungle easily, but now to access to the jungle have to drive hours b’coz of the Clare cutting burning cattle ranching.  The invitalitiable wake of this spree of  destruction is the erosion and exhaustion of the land. Loka samata sukhino Bhavantu. You can join Yoga teacher training in India and 200 hour yoga teacher training certification programs at Mahi Yoga for control of your body and mind.

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