Ashtanga Yoga

 Ashtanga Yoga

Maharishi Patanjali is the person who is responsible for contributing and popularizing yoga in ancient India but we also can’t forget Shri K. Pattabhai Jois, B. K. S. Iyengar, Swami Kuvalayananda and many more yogis who have contributed to traditional yoga and derived a new form to meet the new needs of this new world. Today many traditional yoga styles have been customized by great yogis who have further evaluated ‘the yoga’ and its approach all around the world.

That’s where ashtanga yoga come in picture, ashtanga yoga is created by Shri Pattabhai Jois in late 20th century and is famous as a modern form of Classic Indian Yoga.

‘Power Yoga’ is also adapted from this type of yoga and we all know that power yoga works like miracle for the weight loss and toning down full body.

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This type of yoga is more serious in the term as its requires more dedication and little to no error to achieve the goal of aligning mind and body in full harmony and bliss ad that’s why after hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga is preferred by most people because it gives great results and most importantly a peace of mind for tensed people.


Gaining strength is not so easy for a weak person but if chosen a right way of gaining it then anybody can build up natural strength without steroids or anything synthetic. Ashtanga yoga is world famous for building strength and to maintain this strength through proper and regular yoga practicing. Strength is necessary for all, from children to adults, to body builders to a common 9 to 5 worker. This benefit of ashtannga yoga is one of the main because that’s why people choose to do this form of yoga- to gain natural strength and stamina for their body and to become healthier.


Just as strength, stamina is also very important for everyone because without stamina a person can’t fight diseases or stand up in worse condition either physically or mentally or both. Stamina should be well developed from childhood period and it should start increasing by time& age but in today’s life – correct level of stamina is lacking in every other single person. Ashtaga yoga is a proven working way of raising levels of stamina physically and mentally and that’s why people focus on it to fulfill their health goals.

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Weight Loss

Who doesn’t want to shed a kilo or two, I do but so every other single person too and they have taken many ways to reach their goal but none prove to be working in a desired manner. Don’t worry folks because ashtanga yoga can make you lose weight properly and more importantly naturally (no pills, no supplements), it will be hard and time consuming but if you stick to the plan then believe me you wouldn’t want to leave this yoga for a lifetime because yoga isn’t exercise; it is the creation of harmony among mind, body and soul.


Desire for flexibility is not so common in our world but it is also not to bizarre to wish for a flexible body because a flexible person can’t only dance but do gymnastics, stunts, ice-skating and so much more.

Ashtanga yoga provides flexibility to the body in a natural and long way because of various body stretching asanas and doing them continuously for a long time can convert a stiff body into flexible one, so don’t give up on your hobbies or interests if you want to achieve flexible body then you can but it will take time and interest for you to complete your goal.


300 hour YTTC can clean body, mind and soul meaning that body can be kept free from diseases and weakness through yoga; mind can become stable and more understanding through yoga and last, soul can achieve eternal bliss and be free from sins through yoga.

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The last aspect is the least popular and proven but it works ad there are ancient proofs of its working but lets focus on body and mind aspects- ashtanga yoga can clean body and mind through asanas (postures) and pranayama (bbreath control) because the motto of ashtanga yoga is to create harmony among mind, body and soul through controlled breathing and asanas.


State of mind peace is reducing day by day in this 21st century and so are the capabilities of human mind to perform extraordinary by thinking extraordinary ad doing something extraordinary-all of this is because of less to none peace of mind.

Ashtanga yoga is very helpful in attaining peace of mind through pranayama and postures and that’s why people who are physically fit are still doing yoga to gain mental health also.

Cases of depression, anxiety and other psychological issues who are cornering human mind rapidly and strongly. So start doing proper yoga today to better your overall health.


A person is born with personality- this phrase is 100% right but does that person know exactly what is his/her personality? Answer will be no, because we all know our habits and thinking and other things which makes a part of our personality but don’t know exactly what we are capable of or what is our limit and this means we don’t know ourselves completely.

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Ashtanga yoga is a great personality developer because it can develop your own hidden gems of personality without your even knowing. There is whole lot of science is there but it is possible and you should try it too.


I have cited some benefits (not all) of ashtanga yoga for you to read and take interest in it. But how are you going to do this yoga?

You can’t do any type of yoga without expert supervision but you can check our website to take our various 200 hour YTT courses all over India. Our yoga teacher training in India is of great level with all the necessities to make it a great one- so try it.