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Celebrities showcasing their love for Yoga

Yoga is no more just a synonym for a healthy workout, it has become as a lifestyle rather. Yoga’s ubiquitous presence can be felt by the people all over the world. This practice has become so popular, that the celebrities have clubbed it into their workout regimes too and it is the secret behind their perfect body shapes. The love for Yoga of some of the celebrities has been shared below:

  1. Beyonce

    Beyonce is known to be a lover of Yoga and practices Yoga regularly as a part of her fitness schedule. Her love for 300 hour YTTC is clearly visible in her recent performance at the Grammy’s, where she sizzled the floor by flaunting her curvaceous body and the pregnant belly. She also recited the poem on motherhood by Warsan Shire and paid homage to the motherly body.Celebrities showcasing their love for Yoga at mahi yoga This celebrity has revolutionized the Yoga culture in the country. In fact, many Yoga classes in the USA teach a special kind of Yoga position that is named after this superstar; it is the Bey- Asana.

  2. Lady Gaga

    This woman is rocking the pop industry and was one of the most followed celebrities on Twitter last year. Apart from being a popular singer and actress, she is known for her positive self-belief too. The confidence with which she shuns her haters that comment on her body is commendable and it is clearly visible from her comments on a recent Instagram post. hatha yoga lady gagaWhen asked on for the reason for her dauntless confidence, she replied: “It is Yoga that makes me feel confident and as if I can do anything”. The singer claims to be a Yogini for a while now and her favorite Yoga positions are the ‘Hatha power Yoga’ and the ‘Bikram’.

  3. Adam Levine

    Once again, we do not need to introduce this celebrity. The lead singer of Maroon 5 and the “Sexiest Man Alive” is winning the hearts of girls all over the world. But not many people are aware of the secret behind his sexy body. Celebrities showcasing their love for Yoga

    Not just the perfect body, in fact, he has achieved Nirvana through Yoga as he believes that Yoga energizes him. His love for yoga is so resolute that it has been known that he practices Yoga teacher training in Goa for an hour before each show.

  4. Madonna

    Madonna has always defied the conventional ways and has created trends of her own. She has been a role model to the women all around the world. There was a time when chiseled arms and well-defined shoulders were not considered to be feminine, but like all the other times this lady created new standards for being sexy. celebrity's love for yoga mahi yogaShe confessed that she was done with the conventional Gym and converted to a Yogini rather. Clearly, she brought the Yoga revolution in the country. This was the time when most of the people in America took her as an inspiration for learning Yoga and realized the umpteen benefits of  Yoga teacher training in Dharamsala.

  5. Jennifer Aniston:

    We love Jennifer Aniston since we have watched ‘Friends’. She is adorable and has a perfect body. She has been maintaining herself with the help of her Instructor with whom she practices Yoga every day for an hour.

    Yoga teacher training in Dharamsala at Mahi Yoga

  6. In addition to Yoga, she believes meditation and healthy nutrition add up to achieve a great body too.

These celebrities prove that 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Certification Course at Mahi Yoga is equally important for both mental and physical health by ensuring it as a part of their daily workout routine. Yoga teacher training in India balances the way of life and if your life is as fast paced and hectic as these celebrities, then Yoga is no less than a boon for you.