malinFirst of all, we learn discipline. We learn respect. We learn to obey others. Swallow your pride. Second of all we learn to do it correctly and detailed. Every part of your body is placed correctly, bone by bone – limb by limb – to get the right benefits, and the right flow of your blood and your prana out of the pose (asana). You will be pushed to your limits, but in the right way – the yogic way. Mahi also has a great vision of seeing your “problems”. With your body and your mind. And he can give you the right tools to move on. With your body and with your life. I am very happy I found Mahi and choose him to be my guide threw the yogic path.You don’t have to follow all the path. Follow the ones that are close to your health. From the first yoga class i took with Mahi I fell in love.. I felt like this was what I have been looking for in a yoga teacher! it was 4 years ago at 2008 and i am still coming back for more. Mahi has a wonderful way of teaching, with amazing amount of knowledge and sensitivity. He has a way of getting you to places in your practice you never been before. he is a great guide and an awesome guy!! see you in the ttc course 2012.

The Path of Yoga