celineMy name is Celine, I attended the 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training with Mahi in Goa, January 2012. I spent a great deal of time with Mahi, both as a drop in student and in the teacher training. His methods are thorough and lead to a greater understanding of what yoga really is. He uses props where necessary to adjust students into the proper alignments , so as to fully benefit from each assana. Enthusiastic in his role as a teacher and therapist, he generously proceeds to explain the theraputic benefits of the assana careful to mention that those suffering from a particular ailment should not do the pose and puts them in a pose that not only suits their condition, but also heals through regular practice.

In the Teacher Training Course, he is attentive to each of his student, always correcting, encouraging and sharing profound information throughout the course. An experience i will never forget, life changing in ways that cannot be described in words. I recommend it to anyone interested in a healthier way of life, even if you don’t necessarily want to become a teacher. I have developed self discipline, more confidence, valuable information i can use for the rest of my life and so much more. See you at the next course!

New Insights into Yoga