Yoga Teacher Training Certification Retreats Schedule in India

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]ime is of the essence to everybody. We understand that someone planning a yoga holiday and traveling from a far away land would want to capture the essence of their holiday wish list is one great holiday. Therefore, at Mahi Yoga, we try to create an unparalleled spiritual experience coupled with site seeing excursions and fun.

While there is no compromise on the yoga teaching and order of teaching flow in a day but the schedule is well planned and adhered to so that students can make the most of the time available to them. They can then use the free time to understand more about yoga origins and history from Guru Mahi or go for some site seeing and excursions or spend time getting to know others in the group and socializing.

The mornings begin with pranayama followed by asanas with Guru Mahi and oral sessions. Post lunch there is a session on body alignment and flow yoga. There are tea and lunch breaks in between.  Time is allotted for meditation and sessions on Ayurveda and Vedic gazing. Evenings are generally free in which one can choose to take a walk in the gardens or opt for rejuvenating massage amongst other things.

These well-structured classes allow Mahi Yoga students to enjoy their stay and not feel overloaded by knowledge and overwhelmed by the complexity of the asanas. The sessions are completely interactive, making all students comfortable with their current state of Vedic knowledge.

Both the centers of Mahi Yoga offer:ta
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  • Yoga sessions in morning and evening
  • Interactive spiritual events
  • Optional discourses on yoga and its origin
  • Comfortable stay with the option of meals

At Mahi Yoga every day is filled with new discoveries and learnings, lots of fun and time for introspection. The days are well balanced with enough yoga, meditation, lectures, spiritual prayers and kirtans and outdoor activities.

You are most welcome to come and experience a sample day with us at Mahi Yoga. You can choose all the activities that you like to do in your sample day and it will be followed through. We would be also happy to answer queries you may have.

Elements in the schedule:

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  • More than two hours of yoga based on the program of choice
  • Vegetarian cuisine, for those who opt to take meals at the center
  • Planned outdoor activities
  • Bonfire and cultural events
  • Kirtans and spirituals meetings

Help with planning the daily schedule

Often Yoga beginners are not aware that initially yoga can be tiring for the body and choose a lot of extracurricular activities in their daily schedule. It is, however, advised that daily schedule should be focused on yoga and meditation and part of the weekend can be spent on outdoor activities.
To know how to get the best knowledge in yoga and other related sciences, it is best that you contact us with your needs and we will plan the best course and schedule for you.