imageHi – My name is Aselle and I’m from Kazakhstan. I had a really good time during my yoga course with the Mahi Power yoga school. The location for doing yoga ( Upper Bahsu, Dharamsala) is a beautiful and fascinating one. It will inspire anyone who comes there. The mountains, waterfalls and the cool weather make for an excellent place to visit and charge yourself with all the natural energy. I really liked having a mixed team of yoga teachers ( local and expat ). The Indian teachers teach their students the traditional Indian yoga. The expat teachers do much the same but with a slightly different approach to instructing yoga. The yoga course and the meditation practice are really intense but they allow students, even beginners like my self, to improve and develop rapidly. You will gain physical and spiritual strength as well as observe many other positive changes in short amount of time.The accommodations and the food at the Sidhhi yoga school are modest but adequate, they are very yogic indeed :) You can experience true yogic lifestyle even when you are not doing yoga :) The students come from all over the world and we had a great opportunity to get to know each other, different cultures, as well as other traditions. Many great friendships were formed and are sure to last well into the future.