Is yoga only for women? Here’s a look at the common misconception and best suited yoga poses for men

If we take a closer look at the people following the art of yoga, we find more women yogis than men. Though men are opening up to the idea of yoga, we don’t find many men in the yoga classes. On exploring further, it was found that the reason…
Yoga teacher training in India

How to evaluate a typical Yoga Teacher Training in India

Just google for yoga teacher training in India and heaps of results will abandon you looking for a considerable length of time as well as likely overpowered and befuddled. It appears to be each studio and experienced teacher out there is putting…
Chakra Yoga


Chakra Yoga With Mahi What is Chakra Yoga ? We all know what it yoga, but part of the question remained unanswered and that is what is chakra? Before explaining what Chakra is, first we have to explain where chakras exist.  Every human…