Best yoga teacher training in India

How to Prepare yourself for Yoga Teacher Training in India

In the event that you've selected in a yoga teacher training, or are thinking about one, you may get yourself loaded with both fervor and its shadow—uneasiness. That is typical. A teacher preparing can be an exceptional individual and expert…
Yoga Addict at Mahi Yoga Centre

Yoga Addict

Are you a Yoga Addict ? In case you're perusing this right now, odds are great that you may be a yoga addict. Yoga has improved your life. You've seen your body get longer and more grounded, and you've felt a clearness in your brain. That…



Students Testimonials for Mahi Yoga YOGA - Connection of Body, Mind & Soul How it helped me... First and foremost the 3 months of classes were really awesome. I learnt many things from here, it completely changed my life, each and every…