Best yoga teacher training in India

How to Prepare yourself for Yoga Teacher Training in India

In the event that you've selected in a yoga teacher training, or are thinking about one, you may get yourself loaded with both fervor and its shadow—uneasiness. That is typical. A teacher preparing can be an exceptional individual and expert…
yoga for beautiful skin

Yoga for Beautiful Skin

For those who worry about their skin for premature wrinkling, fading freshness and the dimming glow, there is a very easy solution. No need to use any kind of makeup or costly cosmetics. Yoga teacher training in India describe 4 easy yoga asanas…


300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India

300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India Nobody can ever know enough about yoga. With time, the art of Yoga has been evolving and new discoveries and benefits of yoga have been disclosed. Considering the same, we offer a 300-Hour YTTC, to continue…